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Tempest Kingdom

Moira blamed the corruption of their leader on the humans. When the war ended, she took her followers to the north and established the Tempest Kingdom. Her people share some radical ideologies. First is the right of the Angels to rule over the lesser races; they cannot be trusted to govern themselves. Second, peace cannot be achieved without conflict.
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celestial Kingdom

Fortuna considered her race responsible for bringing devastation to Sapphire. In order to make amends after the Great War, Fortuna established an asylum for all refugees. She felt it was her duty to help those who had lost everything. Her act of grace eventually led to the rise of the Celestial Kingdom.
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midas Kingdom

After the great war left Sapphire in ruins, the Angel Athena took the intiative to restore the land back to its former beauty. She created the kingdom of Midas and opened its gates to all races. The citizens of Midas were all equals and given the freedom to develop on their own. Under Athena’s wisdom and guidance, the Midas Kingdom grew into the largest and most prosperous of the three Angel Kingdoms.


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Augustine, Zweihander

Augustine Rodney was the swordmaster of the Divine Empire and founder of the Crescent Legion. A man with few words, Augustine values honor above all else. He never sheds the armor that surrounds his whole body.It does not matter if you are friend or foe, the only thing visible is his armored body and great sword.

Augustine's brother Rayleign was tricked by Hades and became the Death Lord, for this Augustine has always felt guilt and remorse. His priority is now to try and free his brother and bring him back to the light once more.

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Alecta, Angel of Vengence

Alecta is the executioner of the Angel Race. Born in darkness, her only purpose is to punish those who are guilty—whatever their crim may be, she is always there to make their body and soul suffer the worst of torment.

When Tanya left the Angels for a forbidden love with a Human, Alecta did her duty and cursed Tanya and her lover, causing Tanya to become the Dark Lord. Now Alecta is on the eternal hunt for the betrayer. Ruthless as she is, deep down, hidden from all, are emotions so twisted that her hunt for evil is the only escape.

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Loki, Arcane Spirit

Loki is the Time Keeper Gissing's great grandson. From a young age he has been curious about magic and science. Gissing made Hela his student due to Loki's dangerous tendancies. Too eager, he made a terrible choice during the Daemon Project when he experimented on a wounded Angel.

Changed by the explosion in the lab, his awareness was trapped in a ball of unstable lightning. The Angels made Loki a suit of armor, not for protection, but to suppress his powers. Thus the Arcane Spirit was born, forced to suffer in pain for the sins he committed, until one day...

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Marisa, Amazon Hunter

The Amazon Forest is a mysterious land to the South West of Sapphire, trees canopy the sky. Beasts wander the woods and even plants have the power to kill those who enter. Only the Falcon tribe live there as hermits.

In the Divine Academy, Marisa met another student that came from the jungles, the Panda mage Kim. They soon became close friends. Marisa also realized how advanced the civilizations of Sapphire are, now she has to do all she can to advance and protect her tribe.

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Llane, Savage Blade

Born as a Blood Lion, Lane was one of the few Orcs not corrupted by the Plague Queen. His parents died when he was young and his grey hair made him a castoff among his brown-haired clan members.

After Theresa left, disease and poverty struck the tribe, and Lane's life took an abrupt turn. To prove his worth and for the survival of the tribe, Lane took a dark path. He joined the mysterious organization “Veil” and became a ruthless hired assassin. Due to his speed and feral nature, he was given the title “Savage Blade” and became one of the “Tridents”.

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Skoll, Berserker Claw

The Bloodlions and the Battlewolves were the only two tribes of Orcs that joined the Plague Queen. However, those two tribes see eachother as mortal enemies, and Skoll is the leader of the Battlewolves at this time.

Eager to prove himself and his leadership ability, Skoll wanted to perform something grand. Tricked by evil forces, Skoll poisoned the World Tree guarded by Karen, Pan and Thera. It was not until the Prime Evils were unsealed did Skoll realize his terrible mistake.

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Hela, Reaper of Death

Hela is the daughter of the King Freeman, she began studying magic at the age of 12 and soon bacame the best mage of Astral City. At the age of 18, her father was corrupted by the Eternal Crown, seeing no salvation for her dad, Hela left the city, severing all ties with her father.

However, upon hearing the death of her father and brother, Hela was heartbroken and her life force began to wither. After death, she was welcomed by Hades to become the Archmage of the Undead. Hela rejected the offer and chose to ferry the dead, waiting for the souls of her father and brother…

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Mikaela, Angel of Fire

Sister of Glacia, both Mikaela and Glacia grew up during times of chaos and war. One day, the sisters encountered a Demonic Army, Mikaela hid in the bushes by the side of the road while Glacia led the Demons away.

Mikaela waited for her sister to return but Glacia never did. Mikaela thought it was her own weakness that caused her sister to abandon her. Mikaela managed to grow up and become more powerful. She soon joined the League of Angels where unexpectedly she met Glacia, an encounter of love and hate...

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Theresa, Angel of Dragon

Theresa is the only hybrid child of an Angel and a Dragon. She is granddaughter to the Prime Angel and Dragon King Ulysses. As a child of two ancient rival races, her life is filled with conflict and uncertainty. Since her birth, her heritage has kept her alienated from both races. Her mother was forced to raise Theresa alone in isolation.

Theresa turned a blind eye to the Faction's requests. It was not until the Prime Evils were awakened did she join the League of Angels.

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Victoria, Angel of Victory

It's undeniable that Victoria has overwhelming power, but it's really her calmness in battle that makes her fearsome.

In their fight during the Chaos Wars, the Angels granted Victoria use of the Divine Edge. Where she went, Orcs fled and Dragons fell from the sky.

Her name was chanted by the Humans, and she was known as the 3 Saviors along with Glacia and Mikaela.

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Edward, Rose Knight

This muscular and handsome young man with golden hair is called Edward, son of the Lord of the Divine Empire. He wears an intricately carved armor, even his sword is socketed with gems. If you underestimate him because of his looks, his devastating sword skills will prove you wrong.

Edward joined the Knight's Legion, proving himself in combat by getting a Knight's Emblem. When he found out his sister-Karen fell in love with Boyle and was betrayed, he swore to pursue Boyle to the ends of the world...

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Aurora, Angel of Arctic

Snow World is situated to the North of the Tempest Continent and covered by perennial snow. It is known for its rare gems and great artisans.The people there could not however discover what caused the appearance of aurora.

But one thing was certain, the first appearance coincided with the Angel's arrival. It was Norris who discovered Aurora in her cave after he rescued Breenda, this mysterious Angel was the source of the Northern lights.

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Pan, Dhyana Guardian

Since the beginning of time the Dhyana has lived in Lost Forest to the East of Sapphire. Hermits that follow the Zen and try to become one with the heavens, they have never participated in war. Their home, the 'Hanging Island' is impossible to find.

One day, the 3 Dhyana Saints felt the arrival of a new evil, the Dhyana has no choice but to help the rest of Sapphire thus revealing their mysterious nature. Eldest student of Rei, Pan was the first Dhyana to leave home and venture to the world of Sapphire...

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Pamela, Twilight Queen

A consort of the Ancient Flame Dragon and was one of the first creatures to attain magic. When the Flame Dragon was defeated by the unified might of the Dragons, Pamela put herself in a state of stasis, leaving a clue to her whereabouts to Ulysses.

Millenniums later, Ulysses woke Pamela from her slumber hoping to use her to rule Sapphire. On the surface, she allowed Ulysses to command her, but behind his back, she made every possible alliance she could so that she can make herself more powerful.

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Liz, Light Envoy

Light Envoy Liz is the keeper of Paramount and most trusted follower of Fortuna. Liz is the liaison between the Supreme Council and the Humans.

She was once a servant of Tanya, bright and gifted. She witnessed the fall of Tanya. With the help of Liz, Tanya finally came to peace with her inner struggles, but it was all too late. Before falling into eternal slumber, Tanya transferred her power to Liz, making her the icon of Light.

A Dangerous World

The whole world is opened to you! Many realms and castles, deep forests and rocky mountains, upper and lower worlds awaiting for legendary hero to defeat scary evil and return peace with prosperity. You always can visit to the Heavenly Palace of Celestial Empire, descend into gloomy dungeons, walk through the jungle and even learn netherealm secrets!

Tempest Empire

Tempest Continent in the North of Sapphire is a cold place most time of the year. After the Divine Fissure, Moira created the Tempest Empire here. A war like people, the Tempest Kingdom seem to be looking forward to the next war.

fight the ancient evil

Darkness forces got out to the freedom! Sapphire world became the eternal battlefield with many races that fighting against dark forces and only you can affect to decisive battle. Vanquish the dark ringleaders and inflict a crushing defeat to the darkness!


Powerful and cruel king of demons however reached own dream: Sapphire world is blazing by war and demonic hordes devastating fertile lands and defeating all living things.

fight the ancient evil

Darkness forces got out to the freedom! Sapphire world became the eternal battlefield with many races that fighting against dark forces and only you can affect to decisive battle. Vanquish the dark ringleaders and inflict a crushing defeat to the darkness!


Insidious and furious Plague Queen was sharpened in the World Tree. Master of intrigues, she ran away and raised a rebellion that encompassed all the elven kingdoms and caused them to fall.

fight the ancient evil

Darkness forces got out to the freedom! Sapphire world became the eternal battlefield with many races that fighting against dark forces and only you can affect to decisive battle. Vanquish the dark ringleaders and inflict a crushing defeat to the darkness!


Deep in the caves of the northern mountains, the incidious Abyss Lord gathers his own army to attack the angelic capital.

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